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WARNING: Spacers/Inserts contain small magnets. Keep out of reach of children/pets

Pipe-Pal Tools & Accessories was created by Red Seal Electrician, Ryan Morris in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Ryan began his Electrical Apprenticeship, in 2012,  at UFV Trades Center in Chilliwack, British Columbia. One of the areas that was very briefly covered during the foundation course was conduit bending and installations.


Pipe-Pal Conduit Spacer
Conduit Spacer

After completing the course, Ryan found employment in the trade in both commercial and industrial settings. The big challenge was a majority of the scope of work involved conduit installations. In time, Ryan became very efficient in conduit installations. 

The trades, can be very fast paced. Timelines, deadlines and of course the cost, are all very big factors in the construction industry. With the competitive nature of the industry, mistakes and poor workmanship can eat away at profits very quickly. This is where the concept for Pipe-Pal Tools & Accessories began.

Prior to pursuing the electrical trade, Ryan was a finishing carpenter. Majority of the work was piece work. If a job paid $500, it paid $500 regardless if the job took 1 day, or 3 days to complete. This required maximum efficiency, in order to maximize earning potential.


This was achieved by creating jigs that would streamline the process.  Jigs are tools that increase efficiency, by reducing some of the tedious aspects of the job, while still maintaining a high standard and quality of finished product.

Pipe-Pal Tools & Accessories offers many solutions to maximize efficiency in these cases. This reduces costs in respect to time and in many cases, reducing material waste, therefore, increasing your net profits.


Maximum efficiency for a minimal investment! Our very affordable tools & accessories will not “break the bank”, so you can “bank the break!  

Whether you are a seasoned Journey-person, or a “Green” Apprentice, our tools are simple to use and will provide you with a clean installation, in just a fraction of the time. They are fantastic for helping the apprentice that is just learning the trade. We hope you take the opportunity to view some of the videos that we have on our site and make the decision to 
“Work smarter, not harder!”.


Please feel free to reach out to us here, should you have any questions regarding Pipe-Pal’s time saving tools and accessories.


We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your support!

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