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For use with the SpyDer Wire Reel (sold separately)


Perfect for time/material jobs. The SpyDer Web Counter measure wheel is placed on the center post with the wheel touching the reel (min 10"diamater top required). Should your reel be less than the required diameter, you can use discarded reels on site, or purchase one of our wooden reel tops (12"D). (see add-ons).


Please read:

-Always stack reels with heaviest reel seated on bottom. Do not over stack reels (22"H maximum per SpyDer). to prevent tipping.

- 3/4" EMT and standard couplings can be used to extend center pole if required.

- For some spools, you may need to drill out reel for Spinne arms. Use the couplling provided with the SpyDer to mark location where holes need to be drilled out. 

- Always use proper PPE as required (safety glasses/gloves, etc)

SpyDer Web Counter Measure Wheel

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