Compact and utilizing a lazy susan, SpyDer allows for your wire to be pulled in a vertical orientation. The Spyder Wire Reel is a also a wire carrier. 


Our introductory price for the SpyDer is $149.95 + taxes and shipping. Introductory pricing expires August 12, 2022. As SpyDer is manufactured on a per order basis (not in mass production at this time), please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time. This time frame may vary based on volume or orders.


For those interested in accessories such as the Spinne, Measure Wheel or SpyDer250 , they should be ready for release fall 2022. All that have preordered Spyder and registered on the site, will be offered introductory pricing on these accessories for a limited time.


SpyDer is perfect for pulls being performed in a lift (sits vertically in the corner as opposed to horizontally across the basket) or also for small pulls. Best of all, Spyder is constructed of 1/2" and 3/4" emt, so it can be extended for multiple rolls (not recommended to stack more than 3 reels of 300 feet RW90 or 22"). 


Max capacity - 55 lbs

Max Stacked Cable Height - 22" (3/4' EMT extension and coupling req'd - not included)

Max Reel Diameter - 15-3/4"



SpyDer accessories are coming soon (sold separately). The accessories include:

- SpyDer Susan Coupling - for pulling additional reels of wire with varying lengths.

- The Wire Spinne - a tool that fits in your drill to roll up wire quick and easy.

- Web Counter - a measure wheel that fits on your SpyDer to count lengths of wire pulled. Great for inventory tracking/time & material jobs.

- The SpyDer 250 - a carousel reel/spool designed for 250 foot rolls of romex/lumex


We anticipate Fall 2022 release of accessories.


The SpyDer wire rack includes: 

- One Spyder base unit

- One Standard Coupling (for cable reels of same length of cable)

- One friction Ring

- One Reel Booster ( for larger diameter reels)

SpyDer Wire Rack

C$199.95 Regular Price
C$149.95Sale Price