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Pipe-Pal Products

Layout Tools, Conduit Spacers & Inserts

EMT Installation Laser Kit

Laser Layout Kit (with 6 conduit spacers)

Deep Strut Conduit Spacer
Shallow Strut Conduit Spacer

Deep/Shallow Strut Conduit Spacers

Conduit Spacers & Laser Layout Kit
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Green Pointer Laser

WARNING: Spacers/Inserts contain small magnets. Keep out of reach of children/pets

Laser Set Up Instructions: Download Here

Laser Safety Information: Download Here


  • Laser Color: Green

  • Laser Wavelength: 532nm

  • Laser Output power: <5mW

  • Light Style: Beam light 

  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries(not included)

  • Laser Range: Max 3,000 Ft.

  • Switch: Latching Button Operation

  • Class: Class 3A

  • Operation Voltage: 3.0V

  • Output Wave: Continuous wave

  • Body Material: Metal

  • Product Weight: 5.89 oz

  • Dimensions: 15.7 cm x 1.4 cm / 6.18" x 0.55" (L x Dia.)

  • Body Color: Black


Output Power: <5mW Output Wavelength 532nm Press and

Hold On/Off Button Battery: AAA 1.5V x 2 Alkaline (not included)


Age Restrictions!: 12 and Up. *Adult Supervision Required

Laser Operation Safety (please read before using your laser unit):

  • Do not point the laser at pets, people or vehicles (cars, planes, forklifts, etc.).

  • Always use properly rated safety glasses when operating laser!!!!!

  • Never stare directly at the beam or at it's reflection.

  • Do not magnify, use optical amplification devices or point beam at mirror like surfaces.

  • Do not let children play with the laser (adult supervision required). This is not a toy!

  • Turn off the laser unit when not in use.

  • Only use laser in conjunction with it's intended use.

  • When using laser, set up and enforce proper control zone standards to minimize risk of outside parties entering zone.


Hole Saw Inserts

Hole Saw Accessories
Insert Display & Arbor.png
  • Re-establishes original center point.

  • Cleanly & accurately enlarge pre-existing holes!

  • Reduces risk of skating on finished surfaces.

  • Available in all hole-saw sizes.

Shown: 3/4"- 1-1/2" insert set.

Includes: 3/4" (19mm), 7/8" (22mm), 1" (25mm), 1-1/8" (29mm) & 1-1/2 (38mm) Inserts, Stand-off Sleeve, Drill Stop (fits 1/4" drill bit), & Allen Wrench.

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