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DD Aud01

Pipe-Pal Laser System

Video Length: 1 minue 46 Seconds

Pipe-Pal Laser Set Up Instructions

Pipe-Pal Laser with Straight Shooter

Pipe-Pal Spacers & Markout Inserts

Video Length: 59 Seconds

Other uses For Your Pipe-Pal Spacers

Video Length: 1 Minute

Sherlock Ohms in "The Five Orange Pipes".

Video Length: 1 Min 9 Seconds

Dragon's Den Audition Video 1 March 2022
Conduit Spacers Demo

Video Length: 3 Min 8 Seconds

Dragon's Den Audition Video 2 March 2022
Laser System Demo - Great for installing anchors over head for rack, ducting, etc.

Video Length: 2 Min 19 Seconds

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