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More than double your conduit install productivity!!!!! Compatible with the Pipe-Pal "Bend Buddy" Laser System This package includes v2.1 - 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Pipe Pal Conduit Spacers & Mark-out Inserts for the Pipe-Pal "Bend Buddy" Laser system (Pipe-Pal laser sold separately). Available for both deep and shallow strut. These spacers each have a minimum of 4 neodymium magnets (to hold them on your rack). The spacers can be used individually or in multiples (magnets lined up to create your exact layout. v2.1 Spacers have a hole that fits our Pipe-Pal green laser. See it here. v2.1 Spacers have 0, 90 and 180 degree marks on the spacer for manually marking out conduit center and also works as an assistant for bending box offsets (reduces chances of dog legs). Taxes and Shipping will be added at checkout. Thank you for looking! Get Piped!

BDY-CS-DS-INS-V2.1 (Deep Strut)

BDY-CS-SS-INS-V2.1 (Shallow Strut)

WARNING: Spacers/Inserts contain small magnets. Keep out of reach of children/pets

v2.1 1/2", 3/4", 1" Buddy-3 Pack BDY-CS-DS-INS-V2.1/BDY-CS-SS-INS-V2.1

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