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How much you save & how with Pipe-Pal.

v2.1 Conduit Spacers & Bend Buddy Layout laser

Answers to some question we get about our  conduit spacers.

Pipe-Pal use for residential installations

Setting up your Bend Buddy Layout laser

50 ft of conduit installed in 6 minutes (time lapse video)

Pipe-Pal Conduit Spacers: Part 1

Pipe-Pal Conduit Spacers: Part 2

why does 5-8ths matter.png
Spacer Side.jpg
Lock Ring Side.jpg

In order to have consistent spacing between all of your conduits, your conduits must be spaced minimum 5/8". You will notice once you go down from distribution conduit sizes (4"-2") to branch sizes (1-1/2"-1/2"), the thickness of the lock ring changes. Without a minimum of 5/8" spacing, the lock rings will not install properly and you will not be able to achieve a proper bond..........conduit bond.


TACC Installation, Vancouver, BC - 2015

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