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Pipe-Pal Crosshair Target

  • Have your box/strut/conduit both plumb & level in seconds

  • Bend markers

  • Levels & Spaces Decora Devices

Estimated arrival date: Mid-June 2022

Only $14.95

Plus taxes & shipping.

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Mark-out Inserts

Conduit Spacers & Mark-out inserts.

  • Magnets on the back, so you can space multiple conduits of varying sizes at one time with perfect & consistent spacing (5/8" spacing).

  • Allows for a more "hands-free" installation.

  • Quicker than spacing using linesman or tape measure. (58% quicker than spacing using lineman (see video here)).

  • Mark-out inserts removing the need to measure or offset into your box.

  • Lightweight, convenient and compact.

  • Simple to use (perfect for apprentices).

  • Clean installs, quicker!

Laser System for rack/conduit layout

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  • Bright class 3 green laser. (see video here)

  • Sets up right in your rack! 

  • Magnets allow for quick and easy line-up.

  • NEW! Star-Cap end (coming soon).

  • No more having to move ground materials that block your laser.

  • Laser replacement available. ($19.95 + taxes & shipping)

  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

  • Great for rack, conduit and lighting layout.

PP-LSR - Pipe Side View Laser On.jpg

Pipe-Pal's Laser System

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New Star-Cap coming soon!