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Pipe-Pal v2.1 spacers & Bend Buddy Laser Layout System

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Pipe-Pal Spacers - Part 1

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Pipe-Pal reduces the risk of neck/shoulder strain, when installing and spacing your conduits.

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Did you know our conduit spacers also work when spacing Teck90? (w/slight tolerence)
3/4" EMT Spacer works w/3C - 14, 12 & 10 AWG
1" EMT Spacer works w/3C - 8 & 6 AWG


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Introducing "Pipe-Pal". The amazing patent pending conduit and pipe-spacing tool. Pipe-Pal was invented and designed by Ryan Morris. A Red Seal Electrician in British Columbia, Canada. Pipe-Pal removes the need to use a tape measure for spacing your conduits. This patent pending tool incorporates the use of Neodymium Magnets (minimum 5 per spacer), lined up in a manner that the spacers magnetize together with the 5/8" spacing Each spacer allows you to install and space a minimum of 2 conduits at a time. It's proudly made right here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

The deep strut Pipe-Pal, can be used in either orientation, while the shallow strut Pipe-Pal are 7/8" on the back & 5/8" on the arms, to assist you with mark out for connectors on your panel or gutter box. We also have magnetic inserts to assist with panel/gutter box layout.

Use multiple Pipe-Pal to create what we call "The Buddy System". The spacers will align with each other, so you will have the exact pipe layout you need. Like the old adage goes, "Buddies stick together!".

Pipe-Pal will speed up your install, while at the same time, not compromising any aesthetics. 

For a limited time, we are pricing Pipe-Pal to "fill your pouches" Once you try it, you'll agree, it's money well spent! So what are you waiting for? Let's Get Piped!!!!!!

Pipe-Pal is now available at Gescan locations across Canada and is coming soon to Westburne. Thank you for your support.

Work smart. Not hard!

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