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Weed Eater/Edge Trimmer Spool Tool

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Save Time & Money with Pipe-Pal's new spool tool "LineWinder".


Tool only (Line, Spool & Drill not included).


  • Simple to use!

  • Reduces plastic waste by reusing your spool!


  1. Cut your line to length (up to 30 feet).

  2. Insert line in empty spool.

  3. Place LineWinder in your spool.

  4. Place Tool in your drill chuck and tighten.

  5. Start winding your spool! (use low torque and speed setting).

  6. For safety, always use gloves and safety glasses when winding.

  7. Install in your trimmer.


Always check your trimmer user manual for proper removal and installation instructions. Always wear proper eye protection when using your trimmer/edger.

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